Sarasota County Charter, January 2019

January 2019 edition 18 Section 3.6 Construction of Laws. The powers granted by this Charter shall be construed liberally in favor of the Charter government. The specified powers in this Charter shall not be construed as limiting, in any way, the general or specific powers of the government as stated in this Article. It is the intent of this article to grant to the Charter government full power and authority to exercise all governmental powers necessary for the effective operation and conduct of the affairs of the Charter government. (Renumbered 8/31/2004.) Section 3.7 Citizens' Rights to Judicial Relief. Should any elected or appointed official fail to carry out his or her respective duties as delineated in this Charter, any citizen of the County shall have the right to seek any appropriate judicial writ from a court of competent jurisdiction. (Renumbered 8/31/2004.) Section 3.8 Zoning Disclosure. (a) All persons or entities applying for rezoning, special exceptions or variances, shall disclose the true ownership interests in any property sought to be rezoned and shall further disclose the true parties in interest in any corporation, trust, partnership, limited partnership or any legal entity of any type in their zoning application. (Added 9/1/1992, Amended 3/14/2000.) (b) No applications will be accepted by the Sarasota County Planning Commission, or any other County Commission Board relating to zoning or any other form of land use change unless it is presented on official County forms. Forms shall include, but are not limited to, disclosure forms for corporations, trusts, partnerships, limited partnerships, option contracts, contract purchasers, or any other option and shall disclose all owners having any right, title, or interest of any type in the property at issue sought to be rezoned and the disclosure forms shall specifically state each person's or entity's percentage of interest in any entity. Information with regard to disclosures shall be included in public notices of hearings. (Added 9/1/1992, Amended 3/14/2000.) (c) All individuals or entities owning any shares shall be disclosed. Additionally, if a corporation or entity owns shares, the shareholders and principals shall be disclosed. Disclosure shall not be required of any entity whose interests are solely entity