Annual Report of the Sarasota County Clerk and Comptroller

COUNTY RECORDER I n Florida, the Clerk and Comptroller also serves as the County Recorder, sometimes known as the Register of Mortgages and Deeds, responsible for creating the permanent record of all mortgages, liens, deeds and other documents having an effect on real property. This responsibility, known as recording, includes collecting state taxes such as documentary stamps and intangible taxes, establishing the priority of liens through assignment of instrument numbers, creating and releasing liens, and other such activities. This record series is titled by law the Official Records of Sarasota County, dating back to 1921 when Sarasota was divided from Manatee County. There are four municipalities in Sarasota County, and Official Records include filings from agencies and residents within these municipalities. In addition to these responsibilities, the office issues marriage licenses, performs weddings, and serves as an acceptance agent for the U.S. Department of State for the issuance of passports. RECORDING SERVICES - Assisting citizens with ownership searches and providing certifications as to the authenticity of a record is a major responsibility for the office. For the community’s convenience, electronic access to the Official Records is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This access allows records to be copied at no cost to the interested person. Establishment of ownership of land, mortgages, liens, and judgments are recorded and entered into the official recording system. SERVICES INCLUDE: Recording and indexing deeds, mortgages and descriptions of all county property. Recording public defender liens, and judgments entered by the court. Recording tax liens and claims against an estate, instruments of conveyance, agreements, contracts, maps and plats of subdivisions and surveys. Maintaining a public records library. Collecting and disbursing intangible taxes and documentary stamp monies. • • • • • Tax Deed Sales e-Marriage Records Search e-Recording SERVICES PASSPORTS AND PHOTO SERVICES – As an acceptance agent for the federal government for passport applications, the Clerk and Comptroller offers both passport book and passport card application acceptance. Photo services are also available onsite, with no appointment necessary. TAX DEEDS – Florida Statutes provide that the Clerk and Comptroller is responsible for the administration of tax deed sales. A tax deed sale is the sale of property at public auction for back taxes and fees associated with bringing the property to sale. This is governed by Chapter 197, Florida Statutes, and Administrative Code 12D-13.060, Florida Department of Revenue. TAX DEED SALES MORTGAGE RECORDS P H O T O S E R V I C E S P A S S P O R T A N D 6